Bimaxillary Immediate Loading with Keratinized Tissue and Bone Gain with Augma Bone Cement – Part 2 – Mandible

The patient is in her early 40`s with no major health problems.

In the lower jaw she has a periodontal problem and is going to lose teeth #46 (30) and #44 (28).

The treatment plan involves two surgeries, in the upper and lower Jaw on separate dates in order to avoid too much chair time and morbidity.

The plan for tooth #44 (28) is extraction with immediate implant placement, grafting with Augma Bond Apatite® and immediate provisional crown. Tooth #46 (30) had a huge periodontal defect so it was decided not to do immediate loading. Instead, an implant was placed followed by Augma bone cement to fill the defect. Four months post-op rehabilitation is done on both implants with Zirconia ceramic crowns.

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